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Ascendium in the News June 23, 2021

Report Proposes Higher Education COVID-19 Recovery Policies

Source: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Author:  Sarah Wood

In a year defined by a deadly pandemic, economic crisis and racial injustice, colleges and universities were forced to reevaluate their practices, structures and delivery models.

As the United States transitions to a recovery phase, New America and the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) sought to further understand the overall impact of these crises on the education sector.

Through a culmination of interviews with over 100 college leaders and students, blog posts and focus groups, the “Crisis to Recovery” report details policy recommendations for federal and state governments and higher education institutions. The year-long research project—funded by the Bill Gates Foundation and Ascendium Education Group—focuses on the areas of college affordability, accountability, transparency, access and student support systems.

Read the full article at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

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