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Media Room

We work collaboratively with the media, connecting national and local press with the resources they need, including our latest news releases and high-resolution logos. Ascendium’s grantmaking team is also available, upon request, to discuss our projects and progress.

Ascendium Name and Usage

Ascendium Brand Name

  • When referring to Ascendium for the first time, please use “Ascendium Education Group.” In subsequent references within that same communication, just use “Ascendium.”

  • When writing about Ascendium’s philanthropic work in press releases and formal publications, please include the following description:

    Ascendium Education Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping people reach the education and career goals that matter to them. Ascendium invests in initiatives designed to increase the number of students from low-income backgrounds who complete postsecondary degrees, certificates and workforce training programs, with an emphasis on first-generation students, incarcerated adults, rural community members, students of color and veterans. Ascendium's work identifies, validates and expands best practices to promote large-scale change at the institutional, system and state levels, with the intention of elevating opportunity for all. For more information, visit

Ascendium Logos and Guidelines

Highlight your partnership with Ascendium by including our logo in your print materials or on your website. Before using the Ascendium logo, review our Ascendium Logo Guidelines for direction on how to use and apply the logo for different situations.

For 4-color press and professionally printed collateral, including conference brochures, displays, signage, banners, ads, etc.

For general office and internet use, including web, email, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Color (CMYK)

ASC CMYK+Tag preview
Downloads: EPS JPG PNG

Color (Web)

ASC RGB+Tag preview
Downloads: EPS JPG PNG


ASC Black+Tag preview
Downloads: EPS JPG PNG


ASC Reverse+Tag preview
Downloads: EPS JPG PNG

Contact Our Media Liaison

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We can help journalists access up-to-date information, as well as connect you with an expert dedicated to student success reform.

Contact Brett Lindquist, Vice President - Strategic Communications

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