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Ascendium in the News October 27, 2020

How the Pandemic is Affecting College Student Transfers

Source: Forbes 
Author: Michael T. Nietzel

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has released the second in a series of research reportthat tracks student transfer, mobility, and progress in near-real-time, to quantify the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on higher education. 

The research series is receiving grant support from the Ascendium Education Group, the educational philanthropy and loan guarantor organization, and the ECMC Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes college success for traditionally underserved students. It will include nine reports starting in Fall 2020 and extending to Summer 2022. The reports will provide up-to-date information about how the pandemic is affecting student success and completion rates. 

The Research Center will use pre-pandemic data and current enrollment numbers to identify changes in student transfer patterns attributable to the pandemic. The transfer data will be available online for free, which the Research Center hopes will enable colleges, higher ed organizations, and policymakers to improve how they serve students, particularly those from the most vulnerable populations. 

Read the full article on Forbes.

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