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Sharing knowledge is at the heart of our mission. Explore Ascendium’s growing library of publications that examine the complex challenges facing postsecondary learners, and how we’re helping our partners address them.

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2019 report thumbnail
April 2020

2019 Education Philanthropy Report: A Sharper Focus

2019 was not only our first full year under the Ascendium name, we literally sharpened our focus to four areas: removing structural barriers, postsecondary education in prison, rural education and workforce training, and streamlining transitions.
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ease handbook thumbnail
April 2020

EASE: Handbook for Community Colleges

Students who take summer courses can potentially speed up the time it takes them to graduate. This guide helps college administrators and staff members implement two interventions designed to increase summer enrollment rates.
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engaging adjunct thumbnail
February 2020

Engaging Adjunct Faculty in the Student Success Movement: A Practitioner's Guide

This guide is designed to support the work of institutional cross-functional teams charged with strengthening adjunct faculty professional learning and institutional engagement.
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ResourceThumbnail OERatScale OER
February 2020

OER at Scale: The Academic and Economic Outcomes of Achieving the Dream's OER Degree Initiative

The research and evaluation of Achieving the Dream’s Open Education Resources (OER) Degree Initiative offers an important demonstration of the opportunity, the task, and the challenges of a systemic approach.
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ResourceThumbnail ASAPOhioImpactReport MDRC
January 2020

Increasing Community College Graduation Rates with a Proven Model: Three-Year Results from ASAP Ohio

This Ascendium-sponsored report reviews impressive results from the program which provides students with up to three years of supports to address multiple barriers to student success.
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ResourceThumbnail StudentSuccessinDevelopmentalMathematics NapEdu
November 2019

Increasing Student Success in Developmental Mathematics

To learn which students are not well-served by existing gateway math developmental educational reforms, we enlisted the NAS to help develop a research agenda and areas for future research over the next five years.
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ResourceThumbnail AMatterofDegree MDRC
April 2019

The Finish Line: Graduation by Design

Ascendium committed $1 million to support MDRC's The Finish Line: Graduation by Design project, which explores student behaviors, college policies and institutional practices that prevent students from completing the programs they start.
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ResourceThumbnail DesigningSucess MDRC
April 2019

College Promise Success Initiative

College Promise programs make higher education more accessible by covering tuition, without typically addressing nonfinancial barriers. The MDRC College Promise Success Initiative enables more colleges to supplement their CP programs with student supports.
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2019 Ascendium Annual Report Thumbnail
January 2019

2018 Education Philanthropy Report: Clearing the Path

Our 2018 report, Clearing the Path, highlights our belief in catalyzing lasting change that reduces barriers that arise throughout a student’s progression from enrollment through program completion to gainful employment.
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ResourceThumbnail TribalColleges CCSSE
January 2019

An Exploration of Student Experiences at Tribal Colleges

This Center for Community College Student Engagement report provides a snapshot of how students experience TCUs, showing gaps in successful completion as well as how continued investments can narrow this gap.
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ResourceThumbnail DoublingGraduationRatesinaNewState MDRC v2
December 2018

Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) in Ohio

A new report funded by Ascendium details the findings of the successful ASAP Ohio demonstration, helping thousands of students graduate at more than twice the rate of their peers.
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WCTS Student Success Center
October 2018

WCTS Student Success Center

Helping the greatest number of students toward successful degree completion requires broad-scale change. Wisconsin Technical College System's Student Success Center is a statewide hub that enables the 16 system colleges to learn from their peer institutions.
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