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Diana Natalicio—University of Texas at El Paso Book Project

Excelencia in Education Inc|$50,000|10/2021 - 9/2022
This grant supports Excelencia in Education in developing and promoting a book featuring the former University of Texas at El Paso president, Diana Natalicio, detailing her efforts and success in accelerating Latino student success.

Different Voices of Student Success

The Chronicle of Higher Education|$645,000|9/2021 - 9/2022
This grant supports The Chronicle of Higher Education in developing relevant and impactful content, readily accessible on a new resource website created for this effort, which will be extensively promoted via a comprehensive media strategy.

Strong Start to Finish Implementation & Innovation Fund

Education Commission of the States|$2,900,000|10/2019 - 8/2022
This grant supports Education Commission of the States (ECS) in amplifying the impact and reach of Strong Start to Finish (SSTF), a national developmental education initiative funded by Ascendium since 2016. The unique pooled funding approach makes it possible for SSTF to work at scale in six state systems; a supplemental investment would allow ECS to provide technical assistance to those state systems around emergent needs and advise other state systems eager to replicate their success.

Building Capacity Across Illinois to Scale Corequisite Supports

Partnership for College Completion|$255,000|9/2021 - 8/2022
This grant supports the Partnership for College Completion, in collaboration with the Illinois Community College Board, in building the capacity of Illinois colleges to adopt corequisite models of developmental education redesign. This project will create faculty-driven measures of quality that will inform statewide implementation of evidence-based reforms.

Raising Rural Grand Challenge Framework

National Rural Education Association|$50,000|9/2021 - 8/2022
This grant supports National Rural Education Association in developing their Raising Rural Grand Challenge Framework.

Researching Place-based Learning Experiences' Impact on Rural Postsecondary Learners

University of Montana|$136,777|6/2020 - 7/2022
This grant supports the University of Montana in researching the impact of place-based learning at postsecondary institutions on student outcomes and achievement. Building on promising research in secondary systems, rural place-based learning focuses on integrating local and regional cultures, history and resources into school programming in an effort to promote student success and engagement.

Analysis of Post-COVID-19 Transfer Data

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center|$545,500|8/2020 - 7/2022
This grant supports the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center in tracking and disseminating timely data to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on institutional transfer rates in the United States.

Landscape Scan on the Role of Intermediaries in Rural Communities

Education First |$150,000|12/2021 - 7/2022
This grant supports Education First in completing a landscape scan to identify intermediaries positioned to serve learners from low-income backgrounds across geographies, with a special focus on identifying providers in rural communities.

Maintain Momentum: Supporting Postsecondary Education Membership Organizations and Networks

Yes We Must Coalition|$80,000|7/2020 - 6/2022
This grant supports the Yes We Must Coalition and its members in continuing to advance student success reforms despite COVID‐19‐related impacts.

Career Advising Tools and Outreach for Low-Income College Graduates-Planning Phase

The Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia|$284,300|12/2020 - 6/2022
This grant supports the University of Virginia in developing a personalized job recommendation tool and intrusive advising resources designed to improve employment outcomes for low-income community college graduates.