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Social Media Spotlights Partner Innovations, Connects the Field

December 19, 2022 1-minute read
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Social media is a go-to means of communication for most people and organizations. At Ascendium, we use social media to help us shine a light on the important work of our partners, identify problems and have conversations with the field. By connecting thought leaders working for change, we can better support learners from low-income backgrounds in achieving their postsecondary education and career goals.

Recognizing how the targeted and thoughtful use of social media can inspire conversation and innovation, Ascendium launched its channels in June 2021, starting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Our posts lift partner-produced resources, highlight articles on grant partners’ work and connect stakeholders to collaboration opportunities. The result has been increased dialogue among individual and organizational thought leaders, grant partners and new collaborators. Some examples of these include ECMC Foundation, Grantmakers for Education and the Institute for Evidence Based Change, to name only a few.

Our grant partners look to us to be an engaged thought partner, and we invite you to join the conversation about supporting #StreamlineKeyTransitions, #RemoveBarriers, #HigherEdinPrison and #RuralPostsecondaryEd. Follow #AscendiumEP by clicking the icons.


Looking to the future, we plan to refine our use of these channels to foster more direct interaction and connection with the field while continuing to funnel new ideas to our readers and to foster collaboration. We hope to see you there.