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Q&A: UIA’s Bridget Burns on Helping Struggling Students Get Back on Track (Part 2)

August 31, 2023 1-minute read
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Portrait of Dr. Bridget Burns

Dr. Bridget Burns

In August, we shared part one of our interview with Dr. Bridget Burns, founding CEO of the University Innovation Alliance (UIA). In this discussion, Dr. Burns detailed how Georgia State University’s Accelerator Academy works to address high rates of Ds, Fs, and withdrawals in gateway courses, as well as how UIA is working to implement the program at its other member institutions. Ascendium is supporting this work as part of our investment priority to scale the widespread adoption of evidence-based practices that drive equitable student outcomes.

In part two of our interview, Dr. Burns shares why it’s the right time for this work and how UIA plans to share its findings with the field.

Q: Why are these institutions willing to commit resources to adapting elements of this model now?


Q: What other innovations or lessons learned from the COVID-19 health crisis are UIA institutions holding onto?


Q: What are UIA institutions learning from their students?


Q: How does UIA think about testing innovations and disseminating findings about what works to the broader network and field?


Q: How can we ensure learners from low-income backgrounds are centered in postsecondary education reforms?