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Partnership with The Chronicle of Higher Education Elevates Learner Voices

December 28, 2022 2-minute read
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Media organizations across the country play an important role in steering the national dialogue and linking big ideas to those who can make the changes needed to implement them. Supported by Ascendium, The Chronicle for Higher Education has been putting such ideas into action through it’s Different Voices of Student Success online resource center for the past year.

This year, we continue and build on our successful partnership with The Chronicle in support of the resource center. The 2023 program will connect stakeholders to resources that help learners meet their postsecondary education goals, focusing deeply on one topic each quarter. The four topics are: (1) Connecting with First-Generation Students; (2) Building Resources for Incarcerated Students; (3) Serving the Needs of Rural Students; and (4) Removing Structural Barriers. New in 2023, storytelling videos and photo essay case studies will bring to life the stories and challenges faced by learners. These narratives bring necessary focus and urgency to key barriers to success.

Highlighting perspectives from across postsecondary education, the resource center is pivotal to fostering dialogue and sparking innovation that makes student success a priority across the country. Through virtual forums, resources and case studies, it links leaders and changemakers to innovations that reduce barriers to success for learners from low-income backgrounds. The following are just a couple of reactions from participants.

  • By engaging individuals from throughout the college… we generated an amazing amount of information that would never have come to light had we approached it the same-old-way... This event helped us realize that our new planning approach and the outcomes are right on track…” – participant in Breaking Down Barriers to a Whole Campus Approach
  • …the event helped me collect information to bring back to our campus that is exploring dual enrollment opportunities. Having the opportunity to hear from professionals/experts that have been directly involved in all of the stages necessary to establish and maintain these types of programs was extremely beneficial….” – participant in College and High School Partnerships

The Chronicle’s role as a trusted expert on postsecondary education positions them to elevate the dialogue to a national audience. Your voice is important to this conversation. Please join us by visiting the online resource center and participating in upcoming events. We are proud to support media organizations whose efforts lead to sustainable change and a better quality of life for learners from low-income backgrounds.