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Michigan Paves New Pathways for Transfer Students

April 6, 2023 1-minute read
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While Michigan is synonymous with mobility when it comes to manufacturing vehicles of all shapes and sizes, every Michigander knows that a car is only as good as the road it is driven on—and we also know that many of Michigan’s highways have fallen into disrepair. Governor Gretchen Whitmer famously ran on a campaign promise to “fix the damn roads,” and today, orange barrels are sprouting seemingly everywhere in response.

Similar to our roads and bridges, the pathways between our colleges and universities have often been marked with potholes, roadblocks and lane closures. Misalignment between courses, accumulation of excess credits and seemingly dead-end degree options have impeded momentum for students aspiring to transfer for too long. Break out the orange barrels—we’re fixing the damn transfer pathways!

Historically, Michigan’s transfer infrastructure rested on individual articulation agreements between its constitutionally autonomous community and tribal colleges, public universities, and independent colleges and universities, creating a patchwork of arrangements that varied widely from region to region.

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