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150 Colleges Eligible for 2023 Aspen Prize

November 2, 2021 1-minute read
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The Aspen Institute on Tuesday announced the 150 community colleges that are eligible to compete for the $1 million 2023 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.

The Aspen Prize review committee selected the colleges from more than 1,000 community colleges nationwide based upon having high and improving levels of student success as well as equitable outcomes for Black and Hispanic students and those from lower-income backgrounds.

Located in 34 states in urban, rural and suburban areas, and serving as few as 230 students and as many as 57,000 students, the selected colleges represent the diversity and depth of the community college sector, according to the Aspen College Excellence Program.

Among states, California again had the most number of selected colleges (29), followed by Florida (14), Washington and Illinois (10 each), Georgia and Wisconsin (nine each) and Texas (8).

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