OUR 4 focus areas

Removing Systemic Barriers to Success

We aspire to foster meaningful transformation at the system and institution levels. We support efforts to identify and adopt evidence-based policies and practices that reduce or eliminate obstacles to student success, with the ultimate goal of increasing completion and shortening the time it takes to get there.

Streamlining Transitions

Matriculation, transfer between institutions, and entry or re-entry into the workforce are pivotal moments in the academic and career journey. We support initiatives to align and leverage data; improve collaboration to smooth these key transitions; and help educational, workforce training and employer systems function in a more complementary and effective way.

Expanding Higher Education in Prison

Higher education in prison (HEP) is an emerging field, but to date insufficient attention has been paid to program quality and effective service delivery. We fund initiatives to develop and scale proven HEP models; build a body of data to support best practices; and forge connections between prisons, educational delivery systems and labor market demand.
Photo courtesy of Prison University Project.

Developing Rural Education and Workforce Training

Disparities in postsecondary success between rural students and their urban and suburban peers exist at every point in the pipeline, from enrollment to completion. Those disparities contribute to a shortage of skilled, qualified workers, which discourages businesses from starting or staying in rural communities. We support efforts to develop postsecondary and workforce training opportunities in rural areas to reduce disparities and help rural communities thrive economically.