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Media Partnerships

Our philanthropy amplifies important information across the nation, helping good ideas become systemic change for learners from low-income backgrounds.

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High-quality reporting and storytelling are vital for investigating, proposing, and disseminating systemic solutions to challenges faced by learners from low-income backgrounds. When media highlight problems alongside evidence-based solutions, successful practices have the potential to scale up. Media amplification can also encourage individual policymakers, communities, and government agencies to address critical issues in improving postsecondary education and workforce training outcomes. By framing and amplifying the issues critical to improving postsecondary education and workforce training outcomes, media partners get important information in front of those who can advocate for and make real, systemic change.

Learn more about how our media partnerships support learners from low-income backgrounds.

Chalkbeat Higher Education Coverage in Colorado and Indiana

Chalkbeat Inc|$50,000|7/2022 - 12/2022
This grant supports Chalkbeat in expanding its already highly regarded K-12 reporting to cover challenges facing the postsecondary education system and to elevate possible solutions, starting in Colorado and Indiana.

Maintain Momentum: Supporting Postsecondary Education Membership Organizations and Networks

American Association of State Colleges and Universities|$1,966,060|7/2020 - 12/2022
This grant supports the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and its members in continuing to advance student success reforms despite COVID-19-related impacts.

Exploring the Role of Accreditors in Transfer Reform

Sova Solutions|$50,000|12/2021 - 11/2022
This grant supports Sova Solutions in exploring accreditors’ roles in improving equitable transfer student outcomes. Though accreditors do not instruct nor regulate institutions explicitly, this exploration will uncover what role they may in fact have in supporting institutional transfer reform efforts.

Continuation of a Learning Community of Rural Community College Leaders

New Venture Fund|$100,000|10/2021 - 9/2022
This grant supports Ascendium's sponsorship of the NCII Impact Fund, a project of the New Venture Fund, in continuing a learning community that provides professional development and peer learning that is specific to the unique context of rural community colleges and their leaders.

Diana Natalicio—University of Texas at El Paso Book Project

Excelencia in Education Inc|$50,000|10/2021 - 9/2022
This grant supports Excelencia in Education in developing and promoting a book featuring the former University of Texas at El Paso president, Diana Natalicio, detailing her efforts and success in accelerating Latino student success.

Different Voices of Student Success

The Chronicle of Higher Education|$645,000|9/2021 - 9/2022
This grant supports The Chronicle of Higher Education in developing relevant and impactful content, readily accessible on a new resource website created for this effort, which will be extensively promoted via a comprehensive media strategy.
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