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Tools of the Trade Evaluation

Mathematica Inc|$1,499,700|2/2024 - 1/2029
This grant supports Mathematica in conducting an evaluation that supports iterative program improvements of Tools of the Trade scholarship to maximize the difference the scholarship makes for Wisconsin apprentices seeking upward mobility.

Launching the New England Prison Higher Education Collaborative

New England Board of Higher Education|$6,762,442|2/2024 - 1/2029
This grant supports the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) in catalyzing collaboration across and within its six New England member states to increase the quantity and quality of postsecondary education offerings in prison. As the first regional prison education collaborative, NEBHE will serve as a convener, technical assistance provider, research hub, and funder for the participating states.

Support for Project QUEST and Per Scholas Evaluations

Economic Mobility Corporation|$375,000|1/2023 - 12/2028
This grant supports Economic Mobility Corporation in partnering with two well-established nonprofit sectoral training providers – Per Scholas and Project QUEST – to evaluate program impacts on low-income learners’ education and labor market outcomes and to identify key program factors associated with positive outcomes.

From Training to Employment: A Multi-Inquiry Study of Noncredit Workforce Training Programs

The Regents of the University of California, on behalf of its Irvine campus|$1,605,800|5/2024 - 6/2028
This grant supports the University of California at Irvine in partnering with the Virginia Community College System to assess impacts of noncredit workforce training programs on learners’ labor market outcomes and to examine effectiveness of an innovative state-wide policy designed to incentivize student enrollment in and completion of noncredit programs in high-demand fields.

Building Pathways to Rural and Tribal Employment

American Indian College Fund|$2,500,000|12/2023 - 6/2028
This grant supports the American Indian College Fund in supporting tribal colleges and universities to implement intentional career development programming that will prepare American Indian and Alaska Native learners from low-income backgrounds for, and connect them with, good jobs in their regions.

Oregon Statewide PEP Degree Program

Portland State University Foundation|$2,314,924|8/2023 - 6/2028
This grant supports Portland State University Foundation in developing transfer pathways for incarcerated learners in Oregon in partnership with two community colleges. In addition to offering a clear path to a bachelor’s degree, Portland State University and its partners will provide learners with wrap-around supports during incarceration and post-release.

Ohio Strong Start in Science (OhioSSS)

Ohio Department of Higher Education|$3,000,000|3/2024 - 2/2028
This grant supports the Ohio Department of Higher Education in designing and implementing a corequisite model for entry-level science courses at 17 colleges and universities. Redesign efforts will focus on courses with disproportionately high failure rates for learners from low-income backgrounds, women, and learners of color who are underrepresented in high-demand STEM career fields.

Expanding Rural Guided Pathways

New Venture Fund|$4,200,000|10/2024 - 12/2027
This grant supports the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement in expanding comprehensive “guided pathways” student success reforms at rural community colleges. The expansion will support the existing cohort of 16 colleges in strengthening their reform efforts and add a cohort of 16 additional rural colleges.

Exploring Innovative Financing to Strengthen Pre-Apprenticeships, Creating Rural Talent Finance Partnerships, and Establishing the Social Finance Institute

Social Finance Inc|$6,014,000|1/2024 - 12/2027
This grant supports Social Finance in piloting innovative workforce training financing models to improve labor market outcomes for learners from low-income backgrounds. Social Finance will design models leveraging outcomes-based funding structures in two areas: (1) to support learners in accessing and succeeding in pre-apprenticeships and (2) to catalyze training programs within specific industry sectors critical to rural workforce needs. Social Finance will also launch the Social Finance Institute as a hub for dissemination of insights from these and other initiatives, with a focus on informing public and private leaders about strategies to build sustainable and inclusive talent development pipelines.

Blue Meridian Partners Impact Investment

Blue Meridian Partners Inc|$10,000,000|1/2023 - 12/2027
This grant supports a pooled funding initiative seeking to change the odds of young people living in poverty by directing long-term, substantial resources to organizations with proven impact.