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Ascendium in the News November 08, 2020

Why Equity in Transfer and Why Now?

Source: Community College Daily
Author: Angel Royal 

National Center for Education Statistics and National Student Clearinghouse data clearly show that African-American and Hispanic students do not transfer and complete bachelor’s degrees at the same rate as Caucasian and Asian students. Likewise, adult students ages 24 and older are not transferring at the same rates as traditional college-age students. And depending on how an institution defines first-generation students, educational attainment of parents may influence transfer rates. 

These facts, along with the visible spotlight that now shines on systemic racism within our society, has led us to the question of why equity in transfer and why now? It is the desire to level the playing field so that all students have equal access to the American Dream.

As an African American and first-generation college student, equity in transfer has been a labor of love for me. It is not lost on me that I could have easily been counted in the NCES and NSC data. Having developed and refined AACC’s plans to start a major initiative to increase completion rates of underrepresented students since 2018, it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the Equity Transfer Initiative (ETI), a two-year project made possible through generous support from ECMC Foundation and Ascendium Education Group.”

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