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Ascendium in the News June 29, 2021

Remote and Rural

Source:  Inside Higher Ed
Author:  Sarah Weissman

The Maine Community College System will launch a free training program to prepare over 700 rural students for remote jobs over the next three years.

Students living in rural areas of the state will be able to take six- to nine-month-long online courses in fields especially conducive to remote work, such as IT support, customer service and medical transcription. Participants will receive training and earn a certificate in remote work skills. The program will also offer a certificate course for supervisors on how to manage remote workers.

Administrators plan to start the Remote Work for ME program next January with a cohort of about 60 rural students. The $1.2 million program will be funded by a $535,000 seed grant from Ascendium Education Group, a philanthropic organization focused on postsecondary education, as well as funds from the John T. Gorman Foundation, the community college system and its foundation.

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