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Ascendium in the News June 21, 2021

Professional Development in a Pandemic - Part 2

Source:  The EvoLLLution
Author:  Alice Pulvermacher and Sandra Kallio

Ready or not, the pandemic threw instructors into the deep end of the pool. Some treaded water teaching online and waited for a return to a more familiar teaching and learning environment. Others—hopefully the majority—had the capacity, support and determination to ride the waves.

We’ve captured the experiences of several University of Wisconsin mathematics instructors from the latter group for part two of this two-part series. One estimated that she typically recreates about 10% of a course per year but had now totally recrafted courses for active learning and community building online. Also fresh from success with new strategies and tools for teaching online, some other colleagues voiced concerns about transitioning back to in-person teaching for their algebra, calculus, quantitative reasoning, statistics or math for teacher education courses. Their concerns will be addressed in summer 2021 professional development through the University of Wisconsin System Math Initiative.

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