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Ascendium in the News January 22, 2021

Introducing Tackling Transfer

Source: Inside Higher Ed
Author: Alison Kadlec

Long before COVID-19 brought chaos to higher education, community college students hoping to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree were routinely undermined by policies and practices that hampered transfer student success. Our country’s poor and deeply inequitable completion rates for transfer students are well documented, and, despite the efforts of many leaders and practitioners, the burden historically has been placed on students for navigating complicated systems rather than on institutions for reforming systems to work better for transfer students.

In recent years, that has begun to change, but too often efforts to improve transfer student success have been disjointed and siloed, rather than operating at the core of our institutions and higher education system. As a result -- still today -- only 14 percent of degree-seeking students who start at a community college earn a bachelor’s degree within six years, despite the fact that 80 percent start out saying they plan to do so.

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