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Ascendium in the News June 11, 2021

A Virtual Culture of Care

Source: Inside Higher Ed
Author: Sara Weissman

Leaders at Victor Valley College, a community college east of Los Angeles, are planning a series of changes: a program where students earn points for attending campus events, a new system that sends monthly data analytics to the college president on the number of calls and emails from students that resulted in them getting the information they needed, and staff adopting the “10-foot rule” to actively approach any student standing within 10 feet who may be in need of assistance.

The moves are a part of Victor Valley's effort to cultivate a culture of care on campus, both online and in person, as a participating college in the national Caring Campus Initiative. 

The initiative, which involves 66 colleges, was first launched in spring 2018 by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change, a nonprofit that works with education stakeholders to improve student outcomes. The goal of the program is to increase positive interactions between faculty and staff and students so that students feel more connected to their campuses and are more likely to stay and graduate.

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