One of the keys to the UIA’s success strategy is the presence of a dedicated individual, or Fellow, at each member institution. The Fellow supports the UIA’s goals by identifying ways to promote and evaluate student success, developing a scalable student success project on campus; planning and coordinating UIA site visits; and sharing results and lessons learned with other UIA members.

To build on its success and strengthen the Fellowship Program, the UIA saw a need to increase its capacity to develop talent. It also needed to recruit a director to lead the way.


We committed $1.1 million in 2018 to support the UIA in growing the Fellowship Program. During this two-year project, our grant will allow the UIA to:

  • Support the newly hired Director of the UIA Fellowship Program
  • Empower the director to recruit Fellows and coordinate their professional development
  • Develop current and future university leaders
  • Provide more capacity for UIA campus initiatives
  • Facilitate collaboration between UIA member institutions

The UIA is already an Ascendium grant partner, working to help low-income students overcome outstanding school balances with completion grants so they can graduate. We believe the Fellowship project will boost the UIA’s reach and impact by helping build sustained project management support and advancing innovative student success efforts leading to better completion rates.


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