College PossibleTM coaches thousands of low-income students all the way from college prep in high school through college graduation. We've funded their programs for years and they've consistently ranked among our top performers based on student outcomes. In 2015, we awarded a three-year, $2.2 million grant to help them continue expanding their services for students in Milwaukee and across Minnesota.


Successfully navigating junior and senior years of high school with the goal of getting into college is not easy, and students from low-income households face additional academic, financial and social barriers along the way.


Year after year, College Possible helps a growing number of students attain higher scores on the ACT, get into college and ultimately earn a degree.

Their big idea: apply the AmeriCorps model to college success. Committed young adults give a year to work in their Service Corps, low-income students gain a mentor and coach, and our communities benefit from having more college graduates.

Like Ascendium, College Possible values setting goals and tracking data so it can continually evaluate, test and improve services to students. Their success coaching students into college and on to graduation has been deemed effective in a randomized controlled trial and other rigorous evaluations by Harvard, ICF International and others.

Based on that compelling data, we made grants to the Minnesota and Milwaukee College Possible programs to help them expand and refine their high school services over three years. Funds support the expansion of after-school programming and ACT test prep for over 1,300 low-income juniors at 36 high schools in Minnesota and Milwaukee.

We have continued our commitment to College Possible’s work with additional funding for capacity building and support of AmeriCorps positions in Milwaukee and across Minnesota over the next three academic years (2018-2021).


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