There’s no question that postsecondary education and workforce training are the surest paths to a satisfying, family-supporting career. Unfortunately, the very groups that could benefit the most from these services have historically been underrepresented, and those who do have access are less likely than their peers to complete their program and gain a valuable credential.

Ascendium Education Group has helped millions of learners pursue postsecondary education since 1967, when it was formed to help fulfill the promise of the landmark Higher Education Act of 1965. Over the years, Ascendium has grown to become not only the nation’s largest federal student loan guarantor, but also one of the most active postsecondary education philanthropies.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, net proceeds from Ascendium’s guaranty and other operations are used to fund Ascendium Education Philanthropy, which provides grants aimed at identifying, testing and scaling strategies to level the playing field in meaningful ways. Our philanthropy addresses the persistent barriers that stand in the way of success for learners from low-income households, especially those in historically underrepresented groups: first generation students, incarcerated adults, rural community members, students of color and veterans.

Ascendium Cares volunteering Ascendium Cares

Our employees make a personal difference in the lives of underserved students through our employee giving program, donating their time, goods and money to our adopted nonprofit organizations.